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YB Weekend


This perfume feels like a walk in a field of wildflowers and fresh grass with the sun warming your back. It captures the cool air with brilliant blue sky, floral freshness of spring flowers and tenderness of greens. The combination of peach, hyacinth, sage and violet gives this fragrance a strangely bitter, honey like scent followed by a unique, warm and intriguing drydown.

Drawing inspiration Weekend by Burberry, YB Weekend is its perfect smell-alike. Prepared by Yusuf Bhai.

Detailed Features

    Orientation: Unisex

    Formats: Spray 100mL

    Notes: Tangerine, Mignonette, Wild Rose, Red Cyclamen, Peach Blossom, Blue Hyacinth, Iris, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk.

    Ingredients: ALCOHOL, AQUA (WATER), PARFUM (FRAGRANCE), Other Proprietary Ingredients

    Custom label: YB 1148

    How to Use: This is used directly on skin, behind the ears, and on the neck; in a small amount. This scent also lasts very well on the skin.