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YB Omber Nomade Oil 250gms

Ombre Nomade

Swirls of oud wood for a journey into the heart of the desert. As the day passes, the path of the sun creates shimmering patterns of shadow and light on the dunes. Whilst everything else seems motionless, the desert comes alive and draws the traveler into a passionate odyssey. Designed for lovers of rare essences, ombre nomade concentrates that sensation of infinity into one of the most mythical ingredients in perfumery, oud wood.

Drawing inspiration from Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton, YB Ombre Nomade is its perfect smell-alike. Prepared by Yusuf Bhai.

Detailed Features

Orientation: Unisex

Formats: Perfume Oil 250 mL

Custom label: YB 1301